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2nd ANSYS Symposium for Oil and Gas Industry in the Middle East

Date: April 25th, 2019 Location: Hilton Kuwait Resort, Kuwait City, Kuwait

2nd ANSYS Symposium for Oil and Gas Industry in the Middle East


1. Applications of ANSYS in Onshore, Offshore, Fixed and Floating structures

2. Applications of ANSYS in Process Engineering

3. Applications of ANSYS in Vessel and Tank Designs

4. Customer Success Stories

5. Introduction to ANSYS Digital twins for Predictive Maintenance and Operations

The oil & gas industry experiences many challenges from the beginning of exploration to production of petroleum and natural gas, functioning in extreme environments with increasing directive to minimize CAPEX and OPEX, prioritize safety whereas reducing interruption and emanations. Advanced structural and flow modelling technology plays a very important role to overcome these challenges, particularly during the current advancement in the digital age. Precise digital illustration of the upstream and downstream operations requires a multidisciplinary tactic from simple correlations to high-fidelity numerical analysis, such as Finite Element Analysis(FEA) & Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Scope and need for FEA and CFD modelling have expanded substantially within the industry and growing rapidly. Fluid Codes looking forward to an opportunity for helping people to maximize their innovation and engineering yield at reduced time and cost.

Fluid Codes in association with ANSYS conducting the 2nd ANSYS symposium for Oil&Gas Industry people in the middle east to provide an overview on how numerical simulation and analysis will help them in solving structural as well as fluid flow related problems across a wide range of applications, including, Near-wellbore reservoir modelling, Drilling and Completion, Flow Assurance, Process and Process Safety, Offshore and Deepwater, Refining and Petrochemical. This symposium will additionally provide you with an opportunity for you to meet and interact with experts from industry and academia.


Who Should Attend

  • C-Level executives who would like to see exponential positive growth in their operations and a significant reduction in their design, build, operational and maintenance costs, Technology Enthusiasts, Team leads Department heads, Line managers, Discipline managers, etc..
  • Engineers from the departments like, Structural, Static Equipment, Rotating Equipment, Structural Integrity, Transportation and Installation, Dredging, Coastal, Marine, Shipbuilding, Piping and Pipelines, process, Inline Inspection, Project Engineering, Fabrication, Onshore, Offshore, Drilling, Workover & Snubbing, Process Skids Operations, Maintenance, IT, etc..