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Webinar on Application of ANSYS Simulations in Offshore Engineering

Fluid Codes and ANSYS welcomes you to attend a webinar on Application of ANSYS Simulations in Offshore

Webinar on Application of ANSYS Simulations in Offshore Engineering
  • Submodelling for more efficient analysis
  • Hydrodynamic analysis coupled to structural analysis
  • ASME design by analysis in ANSYS Mechanical
  • Fracture Analysis
  • We will also show some examples of our customers' usage of ANSYS
  • Introduction to the SDC Verifier for ANSYS to perform Code Checking

Date and Time: February 13, 2019 11:00 AM GST

Worldwide demand for oil and gas means increased production in offshore, small and mature fields; more remote, deeper and reserves in harsher climate as well as unconventional resources. Producing oil and gas from these resources creates challenges that require advanced technologies to increase yield as well as reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs — all while efficiently managing production during the life of the field.

With mounting concerns for the environment, the industry is investing to reduce its operational footprint, greenhouse gas emissions and water usage; it is also striving to accelerate accident prevention and response. ANSYS engineering simulation software is enabling companies to design, verify, and deliver more reliable equipment for drilling, production, transport, process and refine at lower cost.

Who should attend?
  • C-Level executives who would like to see exponential positive growth in their operations and a significant reduction in their design, build, operational and maintenance costs
  • Project, operations & IT managers. Maintenance, process and engineering leads, engineers, technology enthusiasts.

Karl Van Aswegen
FEA Manager,
Fluid Codes LLC, UAE

Brief Bio: Karl holds a BEng (Mechanical) and MScEng (Mechanical) degree from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa and is also a registered professional engineer (Pr.Eng) with the engineering council of South Africa (ECSA). Karl has been in charge of creating the ANSYS ASME ACT Extension for Assessment of the Protection against Local Failure, which is being used worldwide by ANSYS customers. He has developed hundreds of pressure vessels analysis with ANSYS Mechanical, including non-linear analyses of Nozzles.