We pride ourselves on our accuracy, deep experience, responsive customer service, and dependable delivery. Whether you need a small design validation task analyzed or a major research and development project completed, Fluid Codes Fz LLE will exceed expectations. We work with ANSYS simulation software every day, solving the industry’s toughest problems. With decades of experience under our belt we are the Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and ANSYS tools consultants of choice.

Finite Element Analysis Consulting

Fluid Codes Fz LLE has years of experience in performing complex, multiphysics simulations for our customers in the Middle East. Using ANSYS, the industry-leading finite element analysis (FEA) package, our experts produce accurate simulations that capture your product’s real behaviour.

Softwares: Our engineers are highly experienced in using ANSYS Mechanical for stress analysis, ANSYS Multiphysics for coupled physics problems and ANSYS DesignXplorer for parametric design exploration.

CFD Consulting

Fluid Codes is recognised as an industry expert in the provision of engineering solutions using CFD, but what is CFD and what are its advantages?

CFD is the computer-based simulation of liquid and gas flow behaviours, heat and mass transfer, moving bodies, chemical reactions, multiphase physics, fluid-structure interactions and even acoustics.

CFD can be used to understand all of the above within existing systems but the ability to develop a virtual prototype of a system then simulate and optimise it under real-world operating conditions before it is built makes CFD an incredibly powerful and cost-effective engineering tool.

Unprecedented insight into the detailed structure of fluid flow within systems allows engineers to create better designs that meet target criteria. Only CFD can offer this unique capability as physical experimentation yields a sparse set of data that is difficult to diagnose.

Softwares: Our engineers use market-leading tools ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS CFX to solve engineering challenges. For thermal management in electronics cooling applications, ANSYS Icepak is the industry specialized tool of choice.

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