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    ANSYS User Conference 2015
    Dubai, 25th November
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    Taking advantage of ANSYS for Heating,
    ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC).
Fluid Codes is the authorized channel partner of ANSYS software in the Middle East and is able to offer powerful analysis solutions in combination with truly customer-oriented support services.
Category Multiphysics

"The real world is Multiphysics in nature. Learn how you can correctly capture the important aspects of your design with a unique Multiphysics capable simulation tool."

Category Structural

" Structural mechanics solutions from ANSYS (FEA) provide the ability to simulate every structural aspect of a product for better life and optimize design."

Category Fluids

"ANSYS computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software allows you to predict performance and permit you to design an efficient product by comparing alternatives designs."

Category Electronics

"Discover how electronics simulation software can help you for the design of electromechanical as well as power electronics components and systems common to high-tech industries."

Category Workflow Technology
Workflow Technology

"ANSYS Workbench Platform delivers unprecedented productivity by unifying our industry-leading suite of advanced engineering simulation, enabling simulation driven product development. "

With the training and support from Fluid Codes, Belleli Energy Srl has been able to apply ANSYS in a quick manner and our engineers have been able to quickly progress with project requirements.
Massimiliano Centi Head of Engineering, Belleli Energy
I appreciate the way Fluid codes has trained our engineers and we hope it will bring tremendous improvement in the quality of our design output. Keep up the good works
B. Sridar Engineering Manager, GATES Engineering & Services
We are happy to inform you that with the training and the technical support given by Fluid Codes, NPCC has been able to apply ANSYS Mechanical to all kinds of pressure vessel design challenges in a quick and easy manner and our engineers have been able to quickly progress with the project requirements.
Bashar Yalchiner Senior Engineer, NPCC
Ramboll Found the training very useful in familiarising our engineers with ANSYS technology and the software capability. The course content we found to be relevant to our needs and in addition ANSYS software proves to be a highly important tool for our engineering team and its user-friendliness to be commended.
Jesper William Thomsen Director Abu Dhabi Branch, Ramboll
Fluid codes, imparted the hands on training for three days to CSEM-UAE engineers, on ANSYS FLUENT. The training was completely interactive and was interspersed with necessary fundamentals in the subject. Training program has given an insight into the software and has increased the enthusiasm of the engineers trained.
M . Sreekanth Sr. R&D Engineer
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